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Can I Go Swimming With the Libby Cup?


The Libby Cup is the ideal answer to swimming when you're on your period. Here's why:


Firstly, Tampons are Absorbent ... In all the Wrong Ways!

Not only is a menstrual cup more comfortable for swimming, but it reduces your chance of any horrid infections. Tampons will soak up the water that you're swimming in, whether it's chlorinated pool water, salt water, or lake water. A Libby Cup, on the other hand, will create a seal in your vagina and only collect the fluid you want it to collect!

Plus, you don't have to watch out for that tell-tale string dangling between your legs.

So long as the cup is inserted properly, fits you well, and is sitting in the right position, then the sealed silicone will keep you safe from any leaking in or out of the cup. If you're having problems with a leaky cup, check out our blog here, where we explain how to avoid any future leaks.


Secondly, Menstrual Cups Hold More Blood Than Tampons

This means you can enjoy swimming for longer, without having to worry about changing your tampon all the time. You also won't be bothered by any tampon water seeping into your bikini when you're lying on your only clean beach towel trying desperately to relax.

Put simply, the Libby Cup means less stress.   

Before you start swimming, empty your cup to reset the amount of time you have ahead of you. Twist and rotate the Libby Cup using the base of the cup; this will ensure the seal has worked well. Remember to wash your hands and you're good to go!

Not sure about emptying your cup in a public bathroom? Don't worry ... we've got you covered.


Finally, Using a Menstrual Cup Just Makes More Sense!

I am never going to wear the white swimming costume that tampon ads seem to think I would like to don while surfing the crimson wave. That’s just going against my basic instincts. But one thing is for sure, I would rather be using the Libby Cup than a squishy, leaky tampon!

Everyone is different; be brave and give it a go.

And most of all, enjoy your swim! 


Written by Heather Sanderson and edited by Nina Giblinwright.

Mar 10, 2020