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Emptying Your Libby Cup

But how will I empty my cup when I'm out in public?
This is often the first question people ask if they've never used a menstrual cup before.
That, and, “is using a menstrual cup messy?


Really, Using A Libby Cup Is Not As Difficult As You Might Think.

Like everything, there is a personal knack that you'll want to get down. Give yourself time. The first time you try a cup, do it at home in the comfort of your own bathroom. You will soon start feeling familiar with your preferred fold to insert it and your favourite way of gripping the Libby Cup to remove it again. 

If you're not sure what the different folds are, you can learn more here.

Before we explore every likely scenario and how to meet it, bear in mind two things: 

  1. Most likely, you will empty your Libby Cup less often than you would change a tampon. The right sized cup for you will often hold more blood than a tampon. Also, your cup can safely stay inside you for 12 hours. You may find that you can wait until you get back to the comfort of your own bathroom. 
  2. Lots of toilet cubicles out there have sinks inside. When you're out in public, make a beeline to the ones that do! ;) 

In the event of no sink …



Empty your Libby Cup and wipe it off with a tissue.

You might have a little blood on your fingers, give them a wipe and get yourself to the sink. 



I like to stash a couple of scent-free wet wipes in my bag to freshen up when I'm on my period. More often than not they stay in there unused, because tissues work just fine. But they are good to have on hand if I want them ... or end up in a place with no TP! (AGH!)



I once went to a forest wedding in an eco-centre. There were jugs of water provided by their compost loos. A small sign read "for those with menstrual cups". Unil this incredibly sensible approach becomes mainstream, carry a bottle of water in your bag and give your Libby Cup a quick splash when you're out and about. 



Don’t be shy to try new things!

You'll soon be doing it half asleep or in the dark, while camping at a music festival, or chatting to a friend outside the cubicle. 


The bleed phase of the menstrual cycle can be a time that people associate with wanting to avoid trying new things. The menstrual products that people use are often the same brand and type that their mothers used and introduced them to. It's as if periods arrive each month and people just want to get it over with.


Don't let anxiety and dread stop you from finding the best product for you.

You deserve bloody comfort when you bleed!


Here’s some more Libby Cup Hygiene Tips and Tricks to get you started...


Written by Heather Sanderson and edited by Nina Giblinwright.

Apr 6, 2020