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Sterilise your Libby Cup by simmering it for 3 minutes in boiling water.

Fold the Libby Cup into a ‘C’ shape, (see ‘The Different Folds’ section to try out different folding methods).

Find a comfortable and relaxing position, either with your foot up on the loo seat or while sitting on the loo.

Insert the Libby Cup into your vagina and allow the cup to open up.

Using the stem, twizzle and rotate the Libby Cup to ensure the seal has been made securely.


You can now leave the Libby Cup in place for around 10-12 hours. Empty the cup and re-insert as often as you would a tampon.

One great benefit of using the Libby Cup is that you will quickly learn more about your monthly bleed. The transparent silicone and measuring lines allow you to track your flow, and you will soon know how often to empty your cup, according to which day of your bleed you are on.

If you are a heavy bleeder or experience anxiety around leaking, then use your Libby Cup along with a reusable panty liner.

The Libby Cup has the longest stem on the market, which means you can trim the stem length to the most comfortable for you. At first, you may like to keep it long until you feel more confident about taking the cup out. (But don’t stress – your cup can’t go anywhere!)


Taking you Libby Cup out is easy to do! Start by washing your hands …

Use the long stem to guide your finger up to find the base of the cup. The Libby Cup has 4 finger pads, which work as grips to remove the cup.

Sitting on the loo, ready to empty the Libby Cup: relax, pinch the base using the finger grips, and pull the cup out.

Rinse with warm water, making sure that you rinse the suction holes so that they are clear.

Re-insert your Libby Cup or dry it and pop it into the included storage pouch for next time!


Do you remember using a tampon for the first time? A bit strange at first - but you went with it…

Similarly, the Libby Cup could feel a bit strange at first. Try out these different folds until you find the perfect one for you. 

1. THE C-FOLD: fold the cup in half length-wise creating a C shape. 


2. THE SEVEN FOLD: flatten the cup and fold the right side corner of the cup circumference all the way down creating a ‘7’ from the flattened circumference of the cup.


3. THE PUSH DOWN FOLD: holding the cup lightly in one hand, push one side of the top of the cup in on itself towards the bottom of the cup, creating a sort of point 



Some people choose to wash their cup with clean tap water each time they empty it; others prefer to sterilise it between uses.

To sterilise your Libby Cup, place the cup into a pan of boiling water and simmer for three minutes. Keep the cup fully submerged to prevent it being damaged.

If boiling water is unavailable, use a sterilisation tablet, the same as you would for a baby’s bottle.

After emptying the Libby Cup, wash the cup with warm water, making sure that you rinse the suction holes so that they are clear. Submerging the cup in cold water before re-inserting it can help to avoid stains appearing on the cup.