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Why should YOU use a menstrual cup?

Reason 1

Reusable Menstrual Cups are reusable unlike tampons and pads. They are made out of silicone which means that they are easy to clean and empty rather than absorb the blood. This also means that you only have to buy one cup, which would last a few years and in return save you a lot of money on disposable period products. You think that a box of regular tampons that have 18 in the pack is £2.60 (as of 2022), the average person uses 9 tampons per month, so that would be 1 pack every 2 months. On average a person will bleed 480 times in their lifetime, which is about 40 years of periods, meaning that people spend £624 not including price changes throughout the years and having to use different sizes. 1 menstrual cup can last years! Up to 10 years if looked after properly. Most cups average between £15–£25. If you spend £25 every 10 years, for the total of 480 bleeds you spend £100!! That means you save £524 in your lifetime, you can have a lovely weekend away in the U.K for that!

Reason 2

Safer than tampons Yes that’s right, no yeast infections! All vaginas have some level of living yeast — a fungus that is totally normal and is even found in the mouth, large intestine, and on the skin. You might also hear people refer to yeast infections as thrush, vaginitis, or candidiasis. You have to change your tampon every few hours but with a menstrual cup you can leave it in for up to 12 hours! There are no studies that a cup can cause yeast infections unlike tampons.

Reason 3

Comfortable You can’t feel some menstrual cups when they are and also due to the way most cups are made, they make a vacuum seal around the walls of the vagina giving you security that your cup wont leak (if inserted and opened fully). You can pretty much forget about your period for a good few hours when using a cups unlike pads and tampons that you have to keep checking and changing.

Reason 4

Less Waste Did you know that people using disposable menstrual products over their menstruating years could use up to 11,000 tampons and sanitary pads. Its not just the actual product, it’s also the wrappers and packaging that go along with the product. Using a menstrual cup could be your first step to help save our planet! Plastic is one of the biggest problems in the world as it’s will not brake down for thousands if not million of years! A lot of menstrual cups are now Zero Waste, which is amazing and also you only dispose of your menstrual cup every 10 years then that is much better than throwing the wrapping, packaging, applicator and tampons away every month.

Reason 5 

You can be more active Similar to what I said in reason 3, menstrual cup create a vacuum making it almost impossible to leak, this mean you can do whatever you want to. If you normally go swimming you can still go, unlike tampons that will absorb not only period blood but also the water in the pool resulting in you likely leaking. If you play a lot of sports and you have to were a tampon sometimes they can get uncomfortable and move, with a cup you wont have that problem.

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Jul 13, 2022