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Using The Libby Cup with an IUD

Yes, you can use the Libby Cup with an IUD. It's a good question that deserves a little consideration. 


What is an IUD?

An IUD is a contraception that's fitted by a doctor. It's a small copper and plastic T-shaped device that sits inside the uterus and releases specific hormones to prevent pregnancy. People keep an IUD in for between 3 and 6 years.


The Libby Cup and the IUD

It's uncommon for IUDs to move. But, if one does slip a little, it will most likely happen during the first couple of months after it has been inserted. 

Because menstrual cups need suction to work, you might want to be more careful with (or even avoid) using a cup during these first few months.


Releasing Cup Suction

It is important to release the suction before removing your Libby Cup, especially if you have an IUD fitted.

Release the suction by pinching the base of the cup or running your finger up along the side of the cup. Always make sure that your cup is cleaned properly between uses – this will help you avoid any suction issues.

It's best to avoid using a menstrual cup until your third cycle with the IUD fitted. This will give your body some time to settle and reduce the risk of your IUD moving. Make sure you use the correct size and shape Libby Cup for your body type – we've given you the run-down on how to figure this out here.

If you're worried about your IUD, please check with your doctor or gynaecologist before using your Libby Cup. 


Written by Heather Sanderson and edited by Nina Giblinwright.

Apr 6, 2020