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Buy A Cup For Another In Need

We are partnering with charities that tackle period poverty. If you would like to support a person in need to receive a Libby Cup, then please add an extra cup to your basket. We will make sure it gets to the right person.

We will also match every donation that you make, doubling up your generosity.

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What Happens When You Buy A Cup for Another in Need?

Libby Cup partners with charities that tackle period poverty. If you would like to give a menstrual cup to someone in need, please add an extra cup to your basket. We’ll make sure it gets to the right person.
We’ll also match every donation that you make, doubling your generosity.

In the UK alone, 14.5 million people are living in poverty. That’s 14.5 million people who have difficulty accessing food, clothing, shelter and, for those that bleed, menstrual products. People who menstruate are at least 20% more likely to live in poverty.

That’s why we donate menstrual products for people who need them but just can’t afford them.

Period poverty occurs when people who menstruate can’t access menstrual products, education, toilets, or hand-washing facilities. One in ten people who menstruate in the UK can’t afford period products. As a result, they can’t go to school or work, thereby increasing their risk of period poverty.

The effects of period poverty are worsened by the taboo surrounding menstruation. A basic bodily function that is experienced by half the world’s population has been so stigmatised that people who menstruate are often silenced or shamed for their menstruation. This makes it difficult for people to learn about menstruation or get help when they can’t access basic facilities or period products.

Poverty in the UK is at an all-time high, and food banks are being used more than ever since the 1980s. Therefore, food banks and schools are stepping up to meet this need by providing disposable menstrual products. Last year, Red Box projects throughout UK schools were supported by the government. These Red Boxes are a great start, but there are still many people who are living without menstrual products.

Reusable products don’t suit every person in need. But when they do, they are a brilliant solution. One cup is all a person needs for years to come, eliminating the need to rely on donations of disposables. So far, Libby Cup has donated cups to the Sheffield Food Bank (via Irise International) and Bicester Community Fridge.
This was made possible by the generosity of Libby Cup customers through the ‘Buy a Cup for Another in Need’ programme.

When you choose to buy a cup though this initiative, we will double every generous pledge you make. Follow us on social media to find out where the cups are being donated.
Each cup will help not only the fight against period poverty but also period taboos.

All Libby Cups are medical-grade platinum silicone and are a safe, comfortable, zero-waste option. They are made in the UK and come with a canvas pouch for safekeeping.
We are here to answer any questions that Libby Cup users might have.

As a small company just starting out, we have many hopes and dreams for our future. One of our biggest goals is to set up a one-for-one model so we can donate a cup every time we sell one. For now, thank you for your patience while we develop and for your ongoing support.

If you’re a charity in need of menstrual cups, please contact us—we are always interested to hear about worthwhile places to donate Libby Cups.

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