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Bicester Community Fridge

We are proud to say that we donate our cups for worthy causes.

Everybody deserves bloody comfort when they bleed!

Recently, we donated Libby Cups to the Bicester Community Fridge—a small community organisation that collects surplus food from supermarkets and distributors around Bicester, Oxfordshire and then donates it to the wider community.

Libby Cup were able to donate these cups after receiving sponsors through our buy a Libby Cup for someone in need. For every cup that is sponsored through this, we double up the generosity.

In the UK alone, 14.5 million people are living in poverty. That’s 14.5 million people who have difficulty accessing food, clothing, shelter, and, for those that bleed, menstrual products. People who menstruate are at least 20% more likely to live in poverty.

This is why we donate menstrual products for people who need them, but just can’t afford them. Bicester Community Fridge will be handing out Libby Cups specifically to people who need them the most. We definitely hope to donate more menstrual cups to this worthy cause in the future.

If you are a charity that needs donated menstrual cups, please get in touch.

Written by Nina Giblinwright

28 August 2020